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We Maintain a Massive Inventory of Stock Boxes

At Renew Packaging Solutions, we stand as the largest supplier of stock boxes in Northern California, offering an expansive range of options, including blank, Kraft, RSC, single, and double wall varieties. Our stock boxes are prefabricated in bulk and ready to cater to diverse industries ranging from aerospace, automotive, garment, electronics, retail, and many more. Our stock boxes ensure a seamless packaging and distribution process for your business, regardless of scale.

Stock Boxes Just-in-Time Delivery at No Additional Charge

Our stock boxes are not just a product; they promise reliability. With a massive inventory in stock, we’re prepared to meet your demands promptly, offering just-in-time delivery at no additional charge. Our rapid order processing ensures next-day delivery, embodying the level of service we’re renowned for. Whether you require stock slip sheets or mailers in Kraft or #3 White, we have you covered.


  • Q: What industries are best suited for your stock boxes?
    A: Our versatile stock boxes cater to many industries, including aerospace, automotive, garment, electronics, retail, printing and publishing, mail order, fulfillment, transportation, food processing, and manufacturing. Their durability and various sizes make them a go-to packaging solution for diverse business needs.

  • Q: How can I place a bulk order for stock boxes?
    A: Placing a bulk order is simple. Call or text Amanda at (916) 622-0064 to discuss your needs and place an order. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on our website and a team member will get back to you promptly to assist with your bulk order.

  • Q: What are the delivery time frames for your stock boxes?
    A: We offer rapid order processing with the option of next-day delivery for urgent requirements. Our just-in-time delivery service ensures that you receive your stock boxes exactly when you need them, with no additional charge for this expedited service.

  • Q: How are Renew Packaging Solutions’ stock boxes different from others?
    A: At Renew Packaging Solutions, we prioritize quality, customer service, and prompt delivery. As the largest stock box supplier in Northern California, we maintain a vast inventory to meet your demands swiftly. Our competitive pricing, especially for overrun boxes, paired with unparalleled customer service, sets us apart in the market. Moreover, our family-run business ethos ensures a personal touch in every interaction, making your experience with us seamless and enjoyable.

  • Q: Can I customize the stock boxes to suit my brand?
    A: While our stock boxes come in various set sizes and styles, if you’re looking for customization, such as box labeling/branding or custom boxes that we can match your specific dimensions, we can certainly assist in facilitating that.
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