What are Overrun boxes?

Overrun boxes are typically new, unused corrugated boxes produced in excess  or error by a corrugated box manufacturer.  Overrun boxes may have a minor manufacturing defect, such as a small size discrepancy or mis-aligned print.  Overruns may also be unused boxes purchased by an end-user that are no longer required.

significant cost savings

Overrun boxes typically retail for 50% less than a traditional or custom corrugated box.

guaranteed quality

Overrun boxes are inspected and certified to meet the rigorous demands of our customers.

environmentally friendly

Traditional recycling methods cannot recover 100% of the materials or cost required to produce a corrugated box.  Purchasing overruns is a great way to be eco-friendly by giving unwanted packaging a new lease on life!

no lead times

While traditional and custom corrugated boxes require days to weeks to produce, overrun boxes are available to ship immediately.


Overrun boxes represent a savvy packaging choice, offering substantial cost savings while maintaining high quality. Predominantly new and unused, these boxes stem from excess production or minor manufacturer discrepancies, forming a budget-friendly alternative for diverse packaging requirements. At Renew Packaging Solutions, we excel in supplying overrun boxes, ensuring unparalleled customer service and immediate availability to cater to your urgent demands. Explore our overrun boxes and seize the economical choice for your packaging ventures.

How to Reduce Packaging Costs:

Enjoy remarkable cost savings with overrun boxes from Renew Packaging Solutions. Our overrun boxes, mostly new and unused, provide a dependable and economical alternative to traditional packaging solutions. As the largest Northern California supplier of overrun boxes, Renew Packaging Solutions merges professionalism with a personalized touch, dedicating ourselves to foster enduring partnerships that go beyond mere transactions. Here’s how you benefit:

Cheap Shipping Boxes:

Exceptional Cost Efficiency:

The cost advantage of overrun boxes is unbeatable, typically retailing at 50% less than standard or custom corrugated boxes. This significant saving is a game-changer in managing your packaging budget effectively.

Assured Quality:

Despite the cost savings, we ensure that the quality of overrun boxes is upheld to meet your packaging standards. Each box undergoes a thorough inspection to certify its readiness for your use.

Fast Turnaround & Free Shipping:

We grasp the essence of time in your business operations. While traditional boxes may require days to weeks for production, our overrun boxes are on standby, ready to ship immediately to meet your tight schedules. What’s more is we maintain our own fleet of trucks meaning we ship for FREE to all our Northern California customers.

Customized Solutions:

We meticulously assess your current supply scenario to craft tailored plans that resonate with your unique packaging needs, spanning across various sectors like hardware distribution, food banks, clothing retailers, and more.

Custom Box Labels for Overrun Boxes:

If prints on overrun boxes concern you, we have you covered with our custom label solutions to overlay any misprints, ensuring a coherent brand presentation.


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