Custom Poly Bags & Pouches

Your Packaging Partner, Renew Packaging Solutions, specializes in providing tailor-made poly bags and pouches to suit a vast array of packaging needs. Our custom poly solutions are perfect for storing, organizing, and showcasing various products ranging from very small to medium-sized inventory.

Unleash the Potential of Custom Poly

Custom poly packaging isn’t just about containment – It enhances product presentation, functionality, and security. A clear window on a custom poly bag allows for an easy display, letting customers interact with the product before purchase. The gusseted base provides a stand-up retail display, and with digital, flexography, or rotogravure printing options, the possibilities for artistic branding are nearly limitless! Let’s collaborate to elevate your custom poly project.

Food Grade Poly Bags

Whether you’re in the food industry needing moisture and barrier poly for bulk coffee, dried fruit, smoked meats, or electronics requiring anti-static or static shielding bags, our custom poly bags & pouches are the answer. They are also an excellent choice for packaging pet food, powdered goods, teas, and other specialty products. The convenience doesn’t end there; our poly packaging is easy to use, heat sealable, and available in multiple sizes to achieve your desired retail look.

Heavy Duty Poly Bags

Not to overlook the industrial sector, our custom poly solutions also extend to heavy-duty needs. Our large bags – 20lb. and 40lb. – are ideal for bulk products, including dry pet food, resins, chemicals, and other industrial items. With features like lay-flat, gusset, centerfold, single-wound options, and more, these bags are designed to endure rigorous conditions while ensuring your products’ safe containment and transport. Photo Idea: A visual montage showing the industrial poly bags filled with various industrial products in a real industrial setting.

Let’s Get Creative with Poly!

Our team is excited to meet with you. Schedule an onsite consultation with our specialists to review art requirements, templates, and printing guidelines. We’re here to help you envision and realize the perfect custom poly packaging solution for your brand. During the consultation, we will discuss your specific packaging needs and provide expert advice on design options and material choices. Our specialists will guide you through the process, ensuring the final product meets your expectations.


  • Q: What materials are used in your custom poly bags and pouches? regular stretch film?
    A: Our custom poly bags and pouches primarily use polyethylene, with options for additional materials like polyester and aluminum or Mylar outer layers for superior moisture protection.

  • Q: Can I get a custom design printed on the bags?
    A: Absolutely! We offer digital, flexography, or rotogravure printing options for stunning advertising and brand communication.

  • Q: Are there any child-resistant or tamper-evident options?
    A: Yes, we provide child-resistant bags, locking zippers, and tamper-evident poly zip-top bags that meet FDA and USDA specifications.
Amanda with Renew Packaging

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